Watch Online Barbershop (2002) Comedy Movie

Watch Online Barbershop (2002) Comedy Movie

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Barbershop (2002) Watch Online Movie

Barbershop (film)

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Directed by Tim-Story
Produced by George-Tillman, Jr.
Screenplay by Mark-Brown
Don D. Scott
Marshall Todd
Story by Mark Brown
Starring Ice-Cube
Anthony Anderson
Sean Patrick Thomas
Troy Garity
Keith David
DeRay Davis
Cedric the Entertainer
Music by Terence-Blanchard
Cinematography Tom Priestley Jr.
Edited by John-Carter
State Street Pictures
Cube Vision
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release dates
  • 13/09-2002
Running time
102 minutes
Country USA
Language Us English
Budget $12-million
Box office $77,063,924

Barbershop is a 2002 American comedy film directed by Tim Story, produced by State Street Pictures and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer on September 13, 2002. Starring Ice-Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, and Anthony-Anderson, the movie revolves around social life in a barbershop on the South Side of Chicago. Barbershop also proved to be a star-making vehicle for acting newcomers Eve and Michael Ealy. It is a first film in the Barbershop film-series.On a cold winter, Calvin Palmer, Jr. decides he has had enough of trying to keep open the barbershop his father handed down to him. He cannot borrow, revenues are falling, and he seems more interested in get-rich-quick schemes to bring in easy money. Without telling his employees, or the customers, he sells the barbershop to a greedy loan shark, Lester Wallace, who lies about its future by announcing plans to turn it into a strip club. After spending a day at work, and realizing just how vital the barbershop is to the surrounding community, Calvin rethinks his decision and tries to get the shop back – only to find out Wallace wants double the $20,000 he paid Calvin to return it, and before 7 pm that day.Right after he admits to the employees that he sold the barber shop, and that it would be closing at the end of the day, the police arrive to arrest one of the barbers, named Ricky. He is accused of driving his pickup truck into a nearby market to steal an A.T.M, but the ATM thief, JD, a cousin of Ricky’s, is revealed to be actually the one who committed the crime after borrowing Ricky’s truck. Because this is, potentially, Ricky’s ‘third strike’, he could be sentenced to life in prison. Calvin uses the $20,000 from Lester to bail Ricky out of jail, yet Ricky is still angry, as JD set him up.

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