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Metro (2013) Hindi Dubbed Movie

Metro (2013 film)


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Directed by Anton Megerdichev
Written by Viktoriya Evseeva
Denis Kuryshev
Starring Sergei Puskepalis
Svetlana Khodchenkova
Anatoliy Belyy
Anfisa Vistingauzen
Aleksey Bardukov
Katerina Shpitsa
Release dates
  • 21 February 2013
Running time
131 minutes
Country Russia
Language Hindi Dubbed

Metro (Russian: Метро) is a 2013 Russian action disaster film directed by Anton Megerdichev. A Russian capital subway tunnel, in-built 1935, is setting out to fail. One tunnel night crawler, Sergeitch (Sergey Sosnowski), sees a leak within the tunnel wherever it runs beneath the Russian capital stream and informs the assistant station master (Michael Fateev), WHO mocks the previous man for worrying concerning it, oral communication it’s solely groundwater. Meanwhile, Irina Garina (Svetlana Hodchenkova) is torn between her lover, businessperson Vlad Konstantinov (Anatoly Bely), and her husband, doctor Andrei (Sergei Puskepalis). Konstantinov tries to steer Irina to divorce Andrei. coming back from a visit abroad, Irina spends the night with Konstantinov instead of going home. Andrei should take their girl Ksenya (Anfisa Wistinghausen) to high school however unintentionally, they take the “Garden” tube station. at the same time, Konstantinov arrives, hurrying to figure and compelled to park his automobile thanks to traffic jams. meantime Sergeitch, drinking with casual acquaintance Galina (Elena Panova) next to the “Garden”, recollects that the water leaky into the tunnel smelled of slime, which implies that it can’t be groundwater. they’re detained by the police for drinking alcohol in a very public place however Galina manages to flee, and flees into the subway. In custody Sergeitch asks for a phone to inform the dispatcher everything, however the police flip a deaf ear to his pleas.

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